Our quality promise

The quality brand

we have been for over 40 years. Our customers have appreciated the quality and durability of our money counting machines for decades. 20 years old machines in daily use are the rule, not the exception.

In our family business we manufacture the machines, as far as possible, from German components. Our suppliers are right next door and appreciate us as partners.

High vertical range of manufacture


production of many parts in our company. CNC machines and other production facilities enable us to create individual solutions.

Close to customers


through our friendly telephone service and field service. You can also always reach us by whatsapp or e-mail. Also at special times we do our best to help you.

Rental devices



is no problem for us. If you want to rent for a limited time, we will make you a favourable offer for a coin counter or note counter.

If the time of renting should extend over a longer period, you have the possibility to buy the machine at a fair price!

Rental equipment
Test equipment



nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke. For us it is part of our service to offer the customer the possibility to test a coin counting machine or note counter in use.
We are also there for you in case of a defect that interrupts your work. If necessary, we will send a device to bridge the gap in the shortest possible time.

Quick repair


is guaranteed by our professional team in the workshop. Generally a device is sent back to you the very next day by DPD – even internationally.

Spare parts service


is a top priority! We have many customers all over Europe. Everything has to be delivered quickly.


only a good money counting machine works trouble-free for years. This is our contribution to avoiding waste and making customers happy. A photovoltaic system and economical use of chemicals is a matter of course for us.

We are proud


of our loyal, strong team which provides you with expert support at all times.

Our company history



This distinguishes our money counting machines and coin counters:


Highest performance




Our ECC 3000 is the fastest mobile coin counting machine on the world market with over 3,000 coins per minute. The Q12 high performance coin counter reaches even 4,000 coins per minute and is the new benchmark for devices in banks and cash and valuables transporters / CIT

Trouble-free for years


The brush is our proven element. Coins are transported safely and quickly. We achieve extreme durability and safety even under adverse conditions.


Money counting machines from ECC Gehrig are made of high-quality materials. Therefore we achieve a very low maintenance requirement. Customers often contact us only after years, with the result that they have not even cleaned the machine for a long time. That is quality for your business.

Extremely resilient

You have tens of thousands of coins to count every day? You have large quantities of banknotes to process? ECC money counting machines are designed for this! We do not sell any goods from China and stick our sticker on them, claiming that the machine is designed for high loads. We leave that to others.

Our banknote counting machines are known from the bank.
Only bill counters tested by the European Central Bank offer security against counterfeiting. For this you need reliable suppliers with know-how in software and sensor technology.


only with us you get money counting machines with high quality battery technology. So you are no longer bound to the socket. Authorities of the police and search as well as the slot machine industry are some of our more than 1,500 estimated customers.

In the tobacco industry we are number one with well over 1,000 machines.



No counting machines
from China & CO

We use the products ourselves in our own slot machine operation. So we know what is important when it comes to money processing. Cheap Asian products were never good enough for us.

We obtain our banknote counting machines from world leading manufacturers in Japan and Korea. For us, quality and productivity always come first.