Technology that convinces


The technology of our coin counters





Thousands of bristles provide
for a safe coin transport
under any circumstances. A great
side effect is the constant cleaning
of the Mint Train!

We give you 5 years
warranty on the
brush element and 3 years
full device warranty!

Coin counters from ECC are:

  • maintenance-free
  • accurate counting
  • dirt resistant
  • durable
  • quick


Compared to other systems...

  • The brush of the money counting machine serves as a driving or conveying element for the coins. It is absolutely maintenance-free and durable! The brush grips the coin even in wet and dirty conditions where a belt drive would be problematic.
  • In machines without direct coin conveyance, dirt and moisture are a problem that can hardly be overcome! Our coin counting machines offer up to 5 times higher speed!
  • Counting reliability is given by inductive sensors, which only react to metallic bodies, i.e. coins.
    No risk of dirty optics!
  • The speed is constantly high due to jam-free transport by means of the brush!
  • All parts are rust-proof for extreme durability!
  • On license under the name Münzomat ( or Mr. Hruzik built our technology for the vending machine industry in 42799 spawnings. Later Münzomat Münzählungsmaschinen / Geldzählmaschinen was continued by Mr Bleikertz in 51515 Kürten.