About ECC Gehrig

Uncompromisingly developed for the future – Made in Germany


Maintenance-free and accurate counting with brush technology - since 1975

On license under the name Münzomat (muenzomat.de or muenzomat.com) Mr Hruzik built our technology for the vending machine industry in 42799 spawnings. Later Münzomat Geldzählmaschinen was continued by Mr Bleikertz in 51515 Kürten.

The technology has proven itself in use. Through performance, safety and trouble-free operation even under adverse conditions.

MZ02 - The leading machine in the tobacco industry | 1985 |

For over 20 years the leading machine in the tobacco industry. Harsher conditions are hardly conceivable.

The ECC04 sets new standards | 1994 |

The portable all-round machine. Successful in the amusement machine industry and retail trade.

The future: ECC08 only | 2003 |

The course for the future has been set. Euro-Coin-Counter.

ECC3000 - The fastest machine with brush technology and Laurel products | 2011 |

Banknote counters and banknote sorters extend the quality range of ECC.

Intensive cooperation with NGZ Geldzählsysteme, the Q12 we are developing | 2011 |

We develop the top technology for sophisticated coin processing with over 4,000 coins/minute

Money counting machines such as the J-Series from the Japanese global company LAUREL are introduced | 2013 |

The J-Series becomes the standard for many industries with over 1,000 devices.

Kisan Qualities devices expand the range | 2014 |

Banknote counters and note sorters like the Newton V, K2, K5 – Service Germany-wide

Counting machines / note sorters become portable | 2016 |

Banknote counters and note sorters like the Newton V, K2, K5 – Service Germany-wide

The Q12 high-performance sorter is successful in Europe | 2017 |

Customers such as Deutsche Bank and many other companies use our machine for their
with our partner NGZ.