The bill validator you can rely on!

You check banknotes directly upon receipt? Then this bill validator is exactly the right thing for you!

Check the banknotes for authenticity quickly, easily and comprehensively. Human error and confrontations with customers are excluded by the hundred percent authenticity check.

Order the practical banknote validator now and you will be on the safe side when it comes to banknotes in the future!

Counterfeit money detector

Banknote detectors are used everywhere where money is involved. Banks need them just as much as jewellers and amusement arcades. There is still counterfeit money in circulation everywhere. Security measures that the central banks have introduced in the production of banknotes have so far been unable to prevent criminals from repeatedly wanting to pay with counterfeit money or putting it into circulation. Protect yourself against counterfeit money with banknote detectors; you can check directly during the payment process whether the customer is trying to pay with counterfeit money.

Simple and effective

Banknote validators are a simple and effective way to check the authenticity of banknotes. For example, UV light can be used to detect false paper. Checking banknotes is a matter of trust. Therefore the technology of the device must be reliable and modern. The devices detect very quickly whether a banknote is really genuine. They also work discreetly, so that the checking process can take place unobtrusively. Simple handling, which can be carried out with a few practiced steps, is a great advantage.

Banknote detectors allow quick intervention

A warning sign then gives you a hint if the money is counterfeit. In this way, further measures can be taken immediately. However, it does not necessarily have to be a criminal, for example, when buying in a shop. The customer may himself have been the victim of fraudsters. A discreet and sensitive handling of the situation is therefore advisable. Authentication checks can also be effective as a mere deterrent!