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The BATTERY - banknote sorting machine!K2 Kisan quality with battery

Only with us you can get the banknote counting machine with accumulator
Never look for the socket again!

Not only the police and authorities, but also slot machine operators, retailers or market people came again and again to us with the wish to equip a money counting machine with battery technology.

We have implemented this in German quality. A high-quality Li-Ion battery was used. An electronic controls the operation safely and energy-saving. The machine switches off automatically after a few minutes of standstill and is ready to start again immediately with a short press on the button next to the display.

Heavy, unwieldy cases that have to be carried with great effort are a horror. Our solution is much handier and lighter than the case for money counting machines.

With its built-in switch and the reject compartment, you are able to count notes even faster!


This is what you've been waiting for...

K2 from Kisan

K2 from Kisan is the machine for portable use in amusement arcades, restaurants, betting shops, administration ...

Small, easy to handle. No heavy, unwieldy suitcase that has to be carried with great effort.

With its built-in switch and the reject compartment, you are able to count notes even faster !
Suspicious notes do not stop the counting process. Of course with ECB certified authenticity check.
Also sorting of notes, alignment and much more belongs to the excellent equipped machine. A thick rubber hood secures the machine. Light and effective.


K5 The NEW banknote sorter for the vending machine merchant

The successor of the K-500pro is here!

The K-500pro money counting machine

For arcade operators, casinos, slot machine operators.
In one pass the banknotes are counted, sorted and packed into bundles of 100 pieces each.


There is no easier and faster way. Stacking wheels in each sorting compartment and in the reject ensure that the banknotes are always neatly deposited - a great advantage over many other machines.

Mixed notes are evaluated and immediately deposited in the four freely assignable sorting compartments. The finished bundles can be removed continuously. In a few minutes your notes are evaluated, sorted and bundled. In this version the machine is the most interesting variant for the vending machine industry in terms of price.